Intelligent Vacuum Pressure Casting Machine:

Model No.: HJ-VC


Gold Jewellery Vacuum Casting Machine

Gold Jewelry Casting Machine

Vacuum Pressure Casting Machine for Gold, Silver, Copper



Innovations in equipment:

1. Adopting German high frequency heating technology, frequency automatic tracking and multiple protection technologies, it can be melted in a short time, energy saving and environmental protection, and work efficiency is extremely high.

2. Vacuum furnace can prevent the oxidation of molten raw materials and prevent the incorporation of impurities. The device is suitable for the casting of high purity metal materials or easily oxidized elemental metals.

3. Melting in an inert gas atmosphere, oxidation loss of carbonaceous ruthenium, etc. is extremely small.

4. Electromagnetic stirring function under the protection of inert gas, the coloration is not segregated.

5. With the Mistake Proofing automatic control system, the operation is simpler.

6. Adopt PID temperature control system, the temperature is more accurate (±1 degrees)

7. Vacuum pressure casting equipment is a self-developed and manufactured product with advanced technology and is dedicated to the smelting and casting of gold, silver, copper and other alloys. This model is mainly suitable for metal smelting which is easy to oxidize.

8. This equipment adopts Mitsubishi PLC program control, SMC pneumatic and Panasonic servo motor drive and other well-known brand components at home and abroad; it has independent intellectual property rights, and declares utility patents, invention patents and other national patent technologies!

9. Vacuuming + inert gas protection smelting, electromagnetic stirring and casting in a closed space, so that the product has the characteristics of no oxidation, low loss, no pores, uniform color and beautiful appearance.


Model No.
Power Supply
220V 50/60Hz, Single phase;         380V, 50/60Hz, 3 Phase
5KW/8KW (Adjustable)
15KW (Adjustable)
Melting Metals
Gold, Silver, Copper, alloys
Gold, Silver, Copper, alloys
Max. Capacity
1kg or 2kg (Gold)
4kg or 6kg or 8kg (Gold)
Casting Time
approx. 5-10 Minutes
approx. 5-10 Minutes
Control System
Mitsubishi PLC + Human-machine interface intelligent control system(Optional)
Temp Accuracy
Max. Temperture
Protection Gas
Argon or nitrogen
Cooling System
Water Cooling (Water Chiller )
Pressure Value
10-120Kpa (Adjustable)
Germany Vacuum Pump 100Kpa (Optional)
Cooling System
Water Cooling (Water Chiller )
Machine External Size
Approx. 120kg


Jewelry Vacuum Pressure Casting Machine