Jewelry Continuous Casting Machine:

Model No.: HJ-CC4

Model No.: HJ-CC8


With economical, practical and efficient features. Besides it's high efficiency, it's also with low wastage, flexible operation bringing your ideal casting effect.

1. Whole melting process is protected with argon gas to prevent metal oxidation, twisting forced casting method.

2. Quick melting and casting, suitable for K-gold, silver, tube, slice, bar and other shapes.

3. Downward casting to make high requirement, ideal casting effect.

4. Unique induction heating with automatic stirring function to strengthen the power, even to make color items, big casting capacity to improve your production efficiency.

5. Accurate temperature control to make a perfect condition for casting.

6. Various self error detect system to provide you a safe casting process. 

7. Hydraulic cutter is for option.

8. With digital PC control, intelligent working.


Model No.HJ-CC4HJ-CC8
380V, 50/60Hz, 3 Phase380V, 50/60Hz, 3 Phase
Power15KW (Adjustable)25KW (Adjustable)
Melting MetalsGold, Silver, Copper,  alloysGold, Silver, Copper,  alloys
Max. Capacity4kg (Gold)8kg (Gold)
Melting Timeapprox. 3-5 Minutesapprox. 5-8 Minutes
Temp ControlPIDPID
Temp Accuracy±1°C±1°C
Max. Temperture1500°C1500°C
Protection Gas                                                                            Argon or  nitrogen
Cooling System                                                                      Water Cooling (Water Chiller )
Casting Products                                                                  Strips, pipes, plates and other profiles.
Machine External Size                                                                              800x680x1550mm
WeightApprox. 180kgApprox. 200kg


Jewelry Continuous Casting Machine

Jewelry Continuous Casting Machine