Engraving Block with 30 PCS Attachment Set:

Model NO: HJ-104

Engraving Block - Standard with 30 Pieces Attachment Set(accessories).


This vise is an economical choice that fills the need of many engravers and craftsmen. With a double-ball bearing system for smooth rotation without wear or looseness, the Standard Block combines outstanding quality with value for workholding. Control the rotational resistance with an integrated rotational brake system. It includes upper jaw plates, 8 pins, base, 1 plastic hex key, and wrench, 4 flat square pins, 2 rectangular inset-curve pins, 4 thick round inset pins, 8 rubber coated pins, and 2 leather-faced ring clamp pins in molded base. 

Item Specifications:

Rubber Base Diameter: 148mm;
Rubber Height: 32mm;
Ball Diameter: 130mm;
Ball Height: 140mm.
Ball & Rubber Base Height: 145mm;
Jaw Diameter: 56mm;
Maximum Jaw Opening: 85mm;
Oval Dimensions: 130mm (diameter) x 145mm (height);
Weight: 10kg.