High Precision Engraving Block:

Model NO: HJ-122


Stabilize your work with this high-quality engraving block. This high precision engraving block is made by HAJET. Specially designed for jewelry ring engraving and flat pieces engraving.
• 2-1/2" (64.21mm) jaw width and 3.38" (86mm) maximum jaw opening.
• Ball & roller system ensures smooth rotation and prevents internal wear.
• Adjustable rotational brake allows positions from free to fully locked.
• A fixed and an articulated jaw; exclusive replaceable jaws extend life.
• Jaws have a black, non-reflective treatment to reduce eye strain.
• 60-piece accessory set (included) maximizes versatility AS SHOWN IN THE PHOTO. Includes 32 pcs attachment kit, 23 pcs ring sleeves parts, 2 silver jaws, 2 black jaws, 1 screw driver.


Block Weight: 19.80 lbs. (9 kg)
Gross Weight: 22 lbs. (10kg) 
Ball Diameter: 4.88" (124 mm) 
Ball Height: 5.95" (151.23mm)
Jaw Width: 2.53" (64.21 mm) 
Jaw Height: 1.54" (39 mm) 
Max. Opening: 3.39" (86 mm) 
Packing Size: 7.87"x7.87"x13.38" (200x200x340 mm)