Magnetic Tumbler--Extra Large HJ-T25:

Model NO: HJ-T25


1.     Usage

Surface rust treatment, finished surface polishing, deburring finished, polished wash work, removing oxide film.

2.     Characteristics

For metal, rigid plastics and other precision parts, can be used for irregular hole tubular corners, cracks, etc. Running time can be preset, variable frequency speed regulation can be adjusted. Processing speed, simple operation.

3.     Technical Parameters

Workpieces Capacity: about 4-5kg (it mainly depends on the volume of workpieces); 
Polishing Pins Weight: about 800g; 
Voltage: AC220V 
Power: 750W 
0-999 minutes, Total time can be adjustable; 
Automatic reversing time: 0-16 minutes adjustable reversing time, it is set to forward four minutes when from factory, 15 seconds to stop reversing four minutes; 
Machine size: 440*440*580mm; 
Machine Weight: 36KG.


1.     Operation panel 
Power switch; 

Time +
Time reduction function keys 
Working hours reversing lights 
Display setting time

1) Power switch: ON and OFF .
2) Time Plus: Set time increases. 
3) Time Minus: Set time is decremented. 
4) Function keys: Set internal parameters. 
5) Working hours: Display working hours, increase or decrease the timing set by the internal timing parameters. 
6) Reversing lights:. OUT1 forward instructions, OUT2 reverse directions. 
7) Display Setting time: Setting time is set internally.

5. Preparation before using the machine

Put the machine in a well ventilated place smoothly, no high temperature, no corrosive gas. Make the power switch in the stop position, then connect to the power outlet.

6. Operation Steps

1) Turn the power switch machine automatic operation, the display will show the time data, working time display start time, increase or decrease the timing is determined by internal timing parameters, factory setting is less time, regular time of 30 minutes, noted in need can set up their own fixed.

2) Internal parameter setting method:

A. Press and hold the SET button for 3 seconds, then the right side of the screen display is the total set time, press the plus, minus buttons to adjust the time required to display the time in minutes.

B. press the SET button to display, which shows the forward working time, in seconds, then press the SET button to display, indicating the forward stop time, in seconds.

C. Press the SET button, the display inversion time inversion stop time.

D. Press the SET button, the display settings increase, decrease timing.

7. Considerations 

1. It is prohibited to kick/tap strongly on the control panel buttons, it’s recommended to tap gently. 

2. Keep the machine clean after using, cover the lid when using the machine, otherwise the water and needles will splash out in the rotation and polished epoxy board caused by a short circuit burned electrical components inside the machine motor accident.  

8. Service 

1) Machine warranty will be one year after the date of sale.

2) In addition to the normal use of the warranty period, man-made damaged is not under warranty period