Gold Silver Ingot Casting Machine:

Model No.: HJ-1140


The machine uses high-power induction heating method of melting metal which have both rapid heating function of electromagnetic stirring to obtain a highly uniform temperature and composition of the molten metal.
This machine is simple, easy maintenance, reliable quality, safe production, not only to change the existing artificial gas melts gold and produce a strong result in hazardous noise, the gold splashing, big loss phenomenon, but also it's harmless.


Power: 380V; three-phase
Output power: 35KW-70KW
Melting metals: gold, K gold, silver, copper, etc.
Maximum capacity: 1-10kg for choices,
The melting time: 15 minutes
Maximum temperature: 1600 ℃
Cooling water: Running water / water-cooling machine.

Dimensions: 1600*700*1200mm.

With this melter, there will be no any bubbles in the bar after melting, it'll be pure as what you wish.

The prices for 1kg, 2kg, 4kg, 5kg, 10kg capacities are different.


HJ-1140 Ingot Casting Machine

HJ-1140 Ingot Casting Machine

HJ-1140 Ingot Casting Machine