High Frequency Induction Melting Furnace:

Model No.: HJ-1102   1KG Capacity (Gold)

Model No.: HJ-1121   2KG Capacity (Gold)


A. Hand- held gold melting furnace,
B. 2kg capacity for gold,
C. Small size, portable, easy to operate,
D. Can be used as a welder.
E. Complete with crucible, tong and foot pedal.

1. Diamond tools, carbide cutting tools welding; 

2. Various metal steel and steel, steel and copper, copper and copper equivalent metal or high-frequency welding of dissimilar metals; 

3. Hardening, annealing, quenching, tempering and other heat treatment of metallic materials; 

4. Metal forging, heat molding; 

5. Powder metallurgy sintering and metal smelting.


1. Apply the latest technology variable flow control to provide greater reliability and durability.

2. Energy efficient to save your money:

Under the same conditions, with high-frequency heating equipment than traditional tube of saving the energy efficiency.

3. super size and weight:

Weight is about 20Kg, only a fraction of traditional equipment, and even a few one-tenth volume of about 0.070 m3 for easy transportation, installation and maintenance, as well as save a lot of your space.

4. Easy to install and use:

Simply press the corresponding instructions to connect water, electricity and heating of the sensor and the workpiece, you can start to use, no warm-up waiting, simple heating adjustment knob allows you to quickly find the desired heating effect, without special training facilitate the use of this product.

5. Safety:

Low voltage (several hundred volts) to obtain the product with the use of high frequency high voltage (thousands of volts) to obtain high frequency compared to traditional products, which can effectively prevent the risk of electrical shock and high frequency radiation, for lifting your worries.

6. Multi-functional:

It has heating--insulation--cooling tree time setting functions, power individually adjustable heating and insulation, heating insulation obtains the required process, adapt batch, repetitive heating places.

Up to ten, including over-current, over-voltage, under water, including the protection and fault status display.

Can be designed with an external device associated control output interface.

7. One hundred percent of full load design, with continuous work of 24 hours.

The main parts are well-known devices in Japan and Europe, the former machine will be rigorous tested before shipping.



Voltage: 220V, single phase
Power: 10KW,
Capacity: 1kg(gold),
Size: 46*19.5*40cm,
Weight: 20kg


Voltage: 220V, single phase
Power: 15KW,
Capacity: 2kg(gold),
Size: 46*19.5*40cm,
Weight: 20kg