5kg Tilting Type Platinum Melting Furnace:

Model NO.: HJ-1117 


Hajet Tilting type Platinum Smelter are built with the latest solid-state technology with  the IGBT  Mould From Germany. The furnaces are available with power supplies from high frequency to medium frequency and  ranging from 10kW to 25kW as per customer's requirement.  Our furnace are available for material of  Gold, Silver, Copper, Bronze and Aluminum using Graphite crucible or  SIC crucibles, what's more, Hajet Pt Smelter can be set up for melting ferrous metals as well.

Hajet Tilting type furnaces Systems can be equipped with optional Thermocouples or Infrared pyrometers for accurate temperature control of the materials being heating and melted. or Can be add the Plc Control System  to make the operation more advanced and convenient. Water Cooling Pump is designed inside the machine. Customers could also order our water chiller as cooling system to save water.

These induction furnaces are ideal for melting metals such as: Steel, Iron, Copper, Brass, Gold, Platinum, Silver, Nickel, Palladium, and other alloys.


Melting Furnace for Platinum

Power: 380V,

Output Power: 16KW,

Capacity: 5kg (Pt),

Melting time: 2-4 min.

Machine material: high quality stainless steel,

Size: 40x60x130cm,

Weight: 146kg.


HJ-1117 5kg Platinum Melting Furnace