Matt Steel Wire Brush:

Model NO:HJ-550 Grit:Fine

Model NO:HJ-551 Grit: Medium

Model NO:HJ-552 Grit: Semi Coarse

Model NO:HJ-553 Grit: Medium

Model NO:HJ-554 Grit:Extra Coarse


Model No.: HJ-550 Wire Dia: 0.20mm; Color: Red; Grit: Fine.

Model No. HJ-551 Wire Dia: 0.30mm; Color: Blue; Grit: Medium.

Model No.: HJ-552 Wire Dia: 0.45mm; Color: Yellow; Grit: Semi coarse.

Model No.: HJ-553 Wire Dia: 0.30mm; Color: Green; Grit: Medium.

Model No.: HJ-554 Wire Dia: 1.00mm; Color: Gray; Grit: Extra coarse.

Matt wire brush with a plastic hub producing a textured surface on metal quickly and easily. Their color coded wheels for creating a variety of effects, similar to sandblasting without the gritty mess. And steel wires of different diameters are affixed on a plastic hub. Used with a polishing motor equipped with a tapered spindle. All are 4" diameter and are available in 5 different texture.