Injection Wax-Pink:

Model NO:HJ-478


Injection Wax-Pink

High flexibility, and the best for setting.

Melting temperature: 105 ° C ~ 110 ° C

Keeping temperature: 55 ° C ~ 60 ° C

Injection temperature

Paste: 55 ° C ~ 60 ° C

Injection temperature

Liquid: 63 ° C ~ 68 ° C

Injection pressure: 20~30kg/cm2

Mold temperature: 20 ~ 25 ° C


Casting wax features:

High and medium temperature precision casting grain, bead shape, high hardness, small line shrinkage, good toughness, good stability, can be used repeatedly; other water-soluble casting wax, repair wax, bonding wax and other ancillary products; model wax as art Molding for casting and precision machine tools. Of course, the “casting wax” that is usually used for jewelry casting is beaded.

The color of the casting wax:

The color of wax usually has deep red, pink, plum red, lake green, light green, dark blue, light blue, and royal blue. The most popular ones on the market today are light blue (of course, the color itself does not affect the function of the period, but the visual effect ,Personal preferences)

In order to better use wax materials, we have the following suggestions:

A. Relevant liquidity:

1. Increase the wax pressure to eliminate the ripples and streamlines on the surface of the wax.

2. The bubble problem may be generated when the wax is sprayed or when the wax is delivered to the wax mold too quickly to generate turbulence and bubbles, which can be solved by reducing the conveying speed and increasing the diameter of the wax.

B. The linear shrinkage rate often depends on the wax temperature and pressure, the batch and the mold temperature, thus reducing the linear shrinkage:

1. Increase the wax pressure.

2. Confirm that the mold has reached the required temperature.

3. Increase the cycle waxing time.

4. Increase the diameter of the wax outlet of the mold.