Perforated Flask with Flange:

Model No.: HJ-PF01


With 304 Stainless Steel Material, these Perforated Flask with Flange are well used in jewelry casting. Durable and good performance. 316 stainless steel material could be made by your request.


Size: 2.5"x4"; 2.5"x6"; 2.5"x8";

Size: 3"x4"; 3"x5"; 3"x6"; 3"x7"; 3"x8";

Size: 3.5"x6", 3.5"x7"; 3.5"x8"; 3.5"x9";

Size: 4"x4"; 4"x5"; 4"x6"; 4"x7"; 4"x8"; 4"x9"; 4"x10"; 4"x11", 4"x12", 

Size: 5"x8"; 5"x9"; 5"x10", 5"x11", 5"x12".

Size: 6.3"x10"; 6.3"x11"; 6.3"x12".