Big Power 150A Argon Spot Welders:

Model NO:HJ-28


Maximum output pulse current: 150A fine, coarse two tranches were adjusted current size, two tranches of power conditioning, automatic / semi-automatic full computer control with argon, electronic optical, 8x magnifying glass protection.
Welding 0.2-5mm thickness (diameter) of jewelry metal plate, bar, necklace, chain, especially for small and deep inside corner welding position welding.

Technical Parameters:

1, Power supply voltage: 110VAC-230VAC / 50-60Hz (via change-over switch)
2, Fuse: 5A
3, Input power: 500VA
4, Operating voltage: 30-40VDC
5, maximum instantaneous current: 150A (pulse)
6, The maximum load time ≤1S
7, Protective gas: Argon
8, Maximum Pressure: 5Kg
9, Protection Level: 1
10, Isolation Category: B


Welder shell reliable grounding of the power cord must be connected to the ground very reliable!
Non-professional maintenance staff do anything forbidden to open the housing welding inspection and repair.
- Operation of the welding personnel during operation should wear overalls isolation protection and gloves to prevent electric shock and high temperature solder from the open-circuit voltage of the welding torch, welding slag, burns and other injuries sputtered.
- Welding the eye can not be viewed directly solder joints must comply with labor safety rules, wearing the relevant protective equipment to prevent the arc and UV damage to the eyes.
- The welder can not be wet, surrounded by large areas of metal, explosive dust, placed next to the use of flammable environment.
- The machine must be reliable in the use of outdated ventilation.