High Precision Sparkle Welder Kit:

Model NO: HJ-52


Voltage: 220V
Instantaneous power: 850W
Temperature control range: 30-200C
Timing Range: 0-99.9 minutes
Clamp force: 1600kg (air pressure 8kg/cm)
Size: 310x360x450mm

Digital intelligent timing and temperature control, which is easy of use. The two plate has independent high precision temperature control system.

Control system is in the back of the machine, which is good for heat dissipating and easy maintenance.

It is a small, easy to handle spot welding device with many advantages.
It can be positioned precisely by using the tip of the handpiece. This allows you to fixing the work piece prior to soldering, also possible to create stable and long-lasting connections, especially in places where soldering is not possible. The size of welding points can be set at 20 different levels. The welding points are silky-smooth and uniform in size and texture.


When the electrode in the tip of the handpiece touches the work piece, operate the paddle and start the welding process. A small arc is emitted from the point of contact; a small welding point 0.5-2.8mm in diameter (depending on device setting) melts the metals together. By using protective gas during welding, oxidation is largely avoided, so that the work piece can be processed further without any additional treatment. Welding points have maximum homogeneity and a smooth as silk feel. 20 section powers setting are used to set energy and impulse. Select a setting to adjust the welding spot size and the welding penetration depth. The modern LCD welding view protection filter, it guarantees not only an optimum illumination of the work area, but also protects your eyes by means of an additional electronically controlled lens attachment.

Against the tip of handpiece to the points to be welded
Switch on the paddle
Protective gas surrounds the welding point
LCD optic device starts automatically, protects your eyes and environmental
Welding begins
Switch off the paddle
Welding complete
The heat created by the arc is very low.
This allows you to easily hold down work pieces. Temperatures are similar to heat created during laser welding.

Sparkle Welder
Voltage: AC220V 
Current: 0.50A 
Power: 105W 
Welding Current: 0.5-10A (Fluctuation)
Continuous Adjustable 
Standard Equipment Paddle, Forceps Clamp, Cable, Optic Device,
3" Pliers, Handpiece,  


All precious metal and precious metal alloys made of gold, silver platinum can be welded. As well as stainless steel, titanium and also aluminum and tin with some limits. In general all metals that are well-suited for arc welding are also suitable for welding.


Maintenance costs are also low. Maintenance is not required. The only expenses during regular use are low costs for protective gas and replacing worn electrodes. Now, It is popular at professional manufactory. Substitute for gas welding, thermite welding and expensive laser welding. Safety, convenient, economical.