HJ-1118 Antioxidation Annealing Furnace:

HJ-1117     Chamber size: 110x200mm; 

HJ-1118     Chamber size: 130x225mm; 


Apply international high technology, we have designed this antioxidation annealing furnace with high quality and high performance for precious metals. The main parts apply tungsten alloy imported which is durable for use. Will not be morphed or oxidative. The maximum can be up to 1100°C. Annealing process is completed under protection of Ammonia which is to make sure the workpieces will not be oxidative, will not be lossless, color will not be changed. This device has a 24-hour timer switch function. Completion alarm settings, with circulating water systems, smart thermostats and other control systems.

Ammonia is applied during the annealing process to prevent oxidation or discoloration Equipped with timer, alarms, built-in circulating water systems, and thermostats.


Antioxidation Annealing Furnace                      
Voltage: 380V,                                                                              
Power: 12KW,                                                                           
Maximum temperature: 1100°C,                                                
Size: 1730 * 1500 * 880mm                                                                      

Weight: 200kg,

Apply gas: Ammonia.