Micro Block:

Model NO:HJ-106

Mini Engraving Block


Designed for a unique combination of solid work support in a small and maneuverable size, the Engraving Block-Mini  has a self-centering jaw system made for stone setting, small engravings, and other precision work. The internal rotational brake system lets the user choose the amount of rotational resistance from free to locked. Its low profile is suited for microscope work.

Includes 4 pins, 2 wrenches, 6 screws, plastic base, 1 plastic hex key.

Ball Diameter:78mm,
Max. Opening: 52mm,

This Micro block will give you many years of trouble-free service. It is extremely rugged in construction, yet is relatively rugged in simple and easy to maintain. Lubrication required is minimal.

Jaw plates are drilled to accept mini engraving block attachments. Included are six socket head screws which fit the six threaded holes in the jaws. These can be used to secure special items or fixtures.


 Based on usage, open jaws fully and clean the dirt and metal pieces from threads. After cleaning, apply a small amount of light oil or grease to the threads.