Oxy-Hydrogen/HHO Generator Acrylic Flame Polisher:

Model No.: HJ-H180


Acrylic Polisher is a machine that USES titanium white gold (platinum) material or other alloy material as electrode plate of electrolytic cell according to the principle of "electrochemistry" and "electrolysis", which is equipped with ceramic ion separation membrane for dialysis and separation. The structure and material of the electrolytic cell of the water electrolyzer, and even the electrolytic mode used in the pipeline and watercourse (water source), are different from the traditional battery and water electrolysis operation experiment (hydrogen and oxygen preparation). Also known as electrolysis machine, ion machine, whole machine.


max. gas prduct95L/H
voltageAC220V 1. 5A
AC110V 3.1A
water consumes30 mL/H
max.water adding1.0L
Lsolution density1 5%
pressure range0. 13-0. 15Mpa
size480*280*3 60mm


When shipping by air or by exprss. The bottle of powder could not be sent. It will not be offered when shipping by express.