Multipurpose Bench Grinder:

Model NO: HJ-212


Voltage: 220V, 50/60Hz

Power: 150W,

Net weight: 3.11kg, Shipping Weight: 4kg,

No Load RPM:0-10,000RPM,

AMPs: 0.7 (No load), 0.8 (With load),

Grinding Wheels:1-3X3/4 inch Grinding Stone,1-3X3/4 inch Fiber Wheel,

Arbor:0.39inches(10mm) diameter,

Flex Shaft:31 inches long,

Flex Shaft Bit:1/8 inch mounting stone,

Features:Variable Speed Dial Flex Shaft Wrench set,

Packing Size:310X200X160mm.

urning the Bench Grinder ON and OFF:

1,Insert the Plug into an electrical outlet.

2,Turn the speed control Knob clockwise to turn the motor ON and adjust its speed.

3,To turn OFF,turn the Knob counterclockwise until it clicks.

4,Never leave the bench grinder running unattended.Always turn off the tool when not in use.

5,Always wear eye protection while using the Bench Lathe or other power tools.