Universal Grinder & Cutter:

Model NO: HJ-223

Technical parameters:

Collet clamping diameter range: Ф3-16mm 
Turret vertical movement stroke: 140mm 
Vertical turret trimming stroke: 18mm 
Spindle wheel movement stroke: 6mm 
Grinding cone angle range: 0-180º 
Grinding negative cone angle range: 0-52º 
After grinding angle range: 0-44º 
Motor power: 0.18kw 
Spindle speed: 5200rpm 
Motor speed: 2810rpm
Motor voltage: 220V/380V 
Motor frequency: 50Hz 
Net Weight: 40kg
Gross Weight: 50kg 
Dimensions: 480 * 390 * 365mm 
Carton size: 536 * 424 * 415mm  


Diamond grinding wheels, diamond pen, wheel corrector, spare belts, tools, work lamp, tool collets (3pcs) 
Universal Grinder is a necessary equipment for computer engraving milling machine engraving machine, specially designed for grinding, engraving and milling machine, cutting plotter, engraved lines, computer engraving machine, marking machines of various diameters, shape, angle carving knife, end mills, knife and press engraving proportion corresponding sales by model.

1.     Used for grinding HSS and carbide engraving cutter with single lip cutters of various shape.
2. Used for grinding End Mill, Twist Drill, Lathe Tool, Only just match optional attachment.