Digital Rotating Furnace:

Model No.: HJ-1119


Rotating Burnout Furnace Jewelry Rotating Furnace Double Layer

Furnace for de-waxing and burning out casting molds (flasks) in the most energy efficient way, Apply international high technology, Gypsum sintering using a rotary design, heat more evenly. The furnace takes up to approx. 26 pieces 4x10" flasks at one time and is therefore ideally suited for jewellery foundries and jewelry factories, melting wax exhaust out of the furnace, the furnace to reduce soot formation, to ensure surface which is clean. With 16-segment programs control,optimal control of temperature sintering process. To make sure plaster clean. With 24-hour timer control, day and night continuous sintering. Automatic temperature control procedures set 10 different curves, easy operation, good effect. 


1. Microcomputer automatic control [including manual control], touch screen

2. Machine with power failure automatic recovery function

3. Can set the temperature stage 10, insulation stage 10

4. The maximum temperature of each section can be set within 99.99 hours

5. Computer memory 20 temperature curve

6.PID intelligent temperature control, error ± 2 , full-screen computer display

7. The rotation stage can be preset, the computer shows the rotation position of the powder cup

8. Rotary furnace plate can be forward, reverse the choice

9. computer pre-six reported * self-protection function

10. The computer can display in Chinese and English menu, more convenient and practical


Voltage: 380V, 50/60Hz, 3 Phase

Power: 16KW,

Dimensions: 1100x1300x2000mm,

Inside chamber size: 700x700x750mm. 

Weight: approx. 500kg.

Capacity: 26 Pieces 4x10" flasks.

Max height for flasks: 290mm.