Japan Digital Caliper:

Model No.:  HJ-522


 Absolute Digimatic Caliper 0-150mm/0-6"; 0-200mm/0-8"; 0-300/0-12".
A digital caliper equipped with standard outside and inside jaws. Hardened stainless steel construction and equipped with ABSOLUTE System scale for error free, high-speed measurement.
Large and clear LCD readout.
Conventional Digital Measurement - The ZERO/ABS button allows the display to be
Zero-Set at any slider position along the scale for comparison measurements. This button also allows return to the absolute (ABS) mode for displaying the true position from
the origin (usually the jaws-closed point).
ABSOLUTE Digimatic Measurement - Absolutely safe, absolutely ingenious: The ABSOLUTE system. All Absolute measuring instruments with this logo incorporate the ingenious Absolute measurement system. An Absolute scale only needs to have the origin position set once, which then holds for all future measurements, no matter how often the instrument is switched off. Incremental measurements can be made at any time without losing the origin setting.

Key Specifications:
Range: 0-150mm/0-6"; 0-200mm/0-8"; 0-300/0-12" (Optional)
Resolution: 0.01mm / 0.005"
Accuracy: ±0.02mm / ±0.01"
Scale type Absolute electromagnetic linear encoder
Repeatability: 0.01mm
Fine adjustment with thumb roller
Depth bar: Blade
Battery:  SR44
Functions: Origin-set, Zero-set, Inch/mm, Automatic, Low Voltage alarm, Counting Value Composition Error alarm.


Model No. HJ-522A: 0-150mm/0-6"; 

Model No. HJ-522B: 0-200mm/0-8";

Model No. HJ-522C: 0-300/0-12".