Diamond Tool:

Model NO: HJ-DT01


Diamond Tool for Faceting Machine



Diamond tools are used to make bright cuts. The bigger the angle, the wider the cut. Flat and convex diamond tools are for surfacing (making a bright uniform surface). Double angle diamond tools give multiple reflections in each cut.

Angle: from 90°-180°, Regular size is 3mm.  

Custom sizes from 0.5 to 8 mm for choice, different sizes with different prices. 

Shapes: Convex, Convex flat, V shape, Light, V flat, Flat lining, Concave, Concave flat, Flat 180°.

You requirement can be customized.

Material of cutter: ND, MCD, CVD, PCD. 

Cutter holder size: 50mm,

Cutter holder thickness:  approx. 6mm.

Cutter holder material: Stainless steel.

Speed: 2000-5000rpm/min.

Application for faceting machine and CNC engraver.

Application for engraving material: gold, silver, copper, aluminum, Acrylic.


Diamond Tool

Diamond Tool