Dremel Rotary Motor:

Model No.: HJ-287


This eletric dremel mill has a small size, easy operation, compact structure, light weight, multi-function and other advantages, by the majority of users. After use, you will find the electric mill is so perfect, will bring unlimited convenience and fun work.


Motor voltage: 220V, 50/60Hz;

Power: 180W;    

Speed: 10,000-37,000rpm;                                                                     

Weight: 0.87 kg;

Dimensions: 190 * 50 * 50mm;                                                  

Collet Diameter: 2.35mm, 3.0mm. 

Packaging: 30pcs/carton, about 22KG/carton.

The product comes with 3.0mm cellect, when you use 2.35mm shank, you need to change the 2.35mm collect.

Chuck size can be replaced, clamping range 0.5-3.2MM (sold separately)

Body length: 16cm

Hand-held diameter: approx. 4.8cm.


Used for (jewelry, dental, wood craft, metal , gemstone,  jade, crystal, agate, glass, walnut, olives, chassis modified DIY, metal, cultural relics) polishing, cutting, drilling, grinding , carving, etc. With shaft, it's easier for your hand operation.