Beads Milling Machine:


Beads Milling Machine, Forming Machine


In addition to grinding round shape, the precision water grinding machine can process various shapes of gemstones and glass lenses as long as they are equipped with various shapes of molds. The size and shape are uniform and the precision is high, so it is also called setting machine. “Universal machine”. It can grind all kinds of shaped pendants, such as heart shape, round shape, ellipse, leaf shape, octagon, triangle, gourd, water drop, egg shape, shield shape, winter shape, lantern shape, etc. Etc.. 

Special reminder to all customers:

All model of molds need to be purchased separately, this price is only the price of the machine!


Can process health care balls, various specifications of beads, drum beads, safety buckles, rings, fingers, bracelets, bracelets, necklaces, chess, go, jade pillows, mats, etc. .


The detailed introduction of the setting machine, the domestic excellent gem machinery. In the traditional working principle to improve and innovate, the bearing is very good, the appearance is beautiful, the new generation of high-precision gem setting machine can process the size 1.5mm-80mm, can be Arbitrary speed regulation during processing, high molding efficiency, using forming grinding wheel, high standardization precision, can process any rotating body shape, such as elliptical, water drop, rotary type, plum type, etc., high efficiency and energy saving, high pollution-free processing efficiency, one The forming machine can produce about 2,000 to 3,500 in eight hours. The workpiece is suitable for processing: jade, crystal, agate, glass, and various semi-precious stones. There are also wooden beads, coral, arbor, shell, etc.


Type: Precision Forming machine

Brand: HAJET (Huajie)

Product alias: molding machine, milling machine

Voltage: 220V / 380V.

Dimensions: 49*53*50CM

Weight: 50GK

Main motor power: 750W

Movement speed: 2800-3200 (/min)