Gemstone Faceting Machine Double Heads:

Model NO:HJ-GF2


Power: 250W;
Voltage: 220V(380V);
Frequency: 50Hz;
Speed of mainshaft: 1600r/min,  2000r/min,  2800r/min,  3600r/min;
Noise:  ≤75db;
Accessories: Grinding disc: 200×12.7mm; 150×12.7mm(grit 600#)
Polishing disk: 150×12×12mm.
1. Main functions: Faceting and Polishing.
2. Faceting hand A with scale mark for getting the exact faceting and angle of the gem.
3. Faceting hand B with eight angles for getting the good shape of the gem.
4. To facet the gemstone with hardness up to 9.
5. With both automatic and manual operation with foot control.