Headband Magnifier with 4 Lens:

Model No.: HJ-1200


1.      Lenses are ground and polished to precision ophthalmic standards.

2.      The optivisor frame is made of lightweight,durable impact resistant materials.

3.      The comfortable continuous headband is fully adjustable to fit any size,quickly and easily.

4.      Adjustable pivot knobs hold visor in any position for easy flip-up viewing.

5.      Interchangeable lens plates are available for various applications.

6.      Len plate no. 2,4,5,10.

7.      Magnifying ratio:1.5X,2X,2.5X,3.5X.

8.      Focus:20 inches,10 inches,8 inches,4 inches.

9.      Carton size: 68x57x45cm

10.    Carton quantity: 48pcs/carton

11.    Carton Gross weight: 13kg

12.    Carton Net weight: 11kg

Thank you for choosing double-lens head-wearing magnifier. You have made a judicious decision due to the innovative design and good quality of the product. This product can be very useful to you with many years of service lifetime if it is correctly used and kept. Please read and keep this operation manual well.