Gold Induction Melting Furnace:

Model No.: HJ-MG 


Smelting Furnace

This gold melting furnace machine is designed for 2-10kg, which is suitable for melting precious metal such as gold, silver, copper, zinc, etc. With speedy melting time could be realized within 1-3 minutes. Based on the latest and most advanced imported IGBT induction technology, this small Gold Melting Kit can saves 15-30% energy than KGPS, 100% full load, with low power consumption. The power supply varies from 8kw-15kw for this series furnace.



Power on →open water faucet → put ceramic crucible in the machine→put metal in the crucible→press heating switch→press stop switch→tongs the crucible and pour the metal liquid.

Attention about Smelting Furnace:

1. Can't be water-break during using the smelting furnace machine. If happens by accident, it needs to pick up the crucible at once, or the heating coil will be damaged.
2. Don't press the heating switch without crucible.
3. Press stop switch first, then pouring the liquid after the metal melted.
4. If the work is finished everyday, please take away the crucible then shut off power.
5. When water flow indicator light is shut off, it stands for out of water or low water pressure. And now the smelting furnace will start the function of protection, the smelting furnace machine will stop heating.

Video Link about Smelting Furnace:

Video Link about Smelting Furnace:


Output power7.5KW7.5KW10KW15KW15KW
Working frequency30Khz-50Khz30Khz-50Khz30Khz-50Khz30Khz-50Khz30Khz-50Khz
Melting matals 
Melting speedwithin 5 minuteswithin 5 minuteswithin 5 minuteswithin 5 minuteswithin 5 minutes
Melting temperature1500°c1500°c1500°c1500°c1500°c
Cooling methodwater coolingwater coolingwater coolingwater coolingwater cooling


Shipping weight86kg86kg88kg98kg105kg
Machine dimensions480*480*800mm480*480*800mm480*480*800mm480*480*900mm480*480*900mm

Gold Induction Melting Furnace