Strong 206 Micromotor:

Model NO: HJ-850


Korea SEASHIN Micromotor

Model: Strong 206+103L Handpiece (Strong mechanic carving machine)

Original place: South Korea;

Input voltage: 100V-240V, 50/60Hz

Speed: 1000-45000 rpm

Power: 80W

Maximum torque:

Handpiece weight: 232g; 

Machine weight: 1.70kg;

Dimensions: 130*150*84mm.

Performance introduction:

1. automatic overload protection function; 

2. forward and reverse arbitrary switching; 

3. optional manual foot control speed; 

4. foot switch stepless speed regulation function.

5. Circuit safety system

Product configuration:

host machine 206, 103L handpiece, foot switch, bracket, maintenance tool, spare carbon brush.

Authentic guaranteed, original import, host machine with warranty of one year.