7X-45X (90X) Gem Microscope:

Model No.: HJ-612


10W High Power LED U.S. imports continuously adjustable bottom lights; integrated global wide voltage power supply ,100 - 240V voltage range can work, brightness and stability; equipped F09 lens: High performance big zoom lens, an optical system uses a unique turn like prisms, which makes high-contrast image plane, reproduction is good, clear range , image sharpness, three-dimensional feeling stronger;

7X-45X continuous zoom, zoom ratio 6.4:1;

working Distance 103mm;

high eye point eyepiece diopter adjustable SWF10X/22mm;

The kit comes with 2 pieces 10X eyepieces, 2 pieces 10X eyepieces.


Arm-in base generation: 
* mirror body can be freely adjusted within the range of 0-40 °; on both sides of the mounting hole gem clip; 
* provide bright field, dark field, the top light and side light four kinds of lighting; 
* 30W high brightness adjustable halogen bottom light, 
* Ortega heat sink under the shade, effectively extending the life of the lamp; assembly beam diameter 2-42mm continuously adjustable large light bar, soft annular dark-field control without screw design, screw subtracted image interference, providing quality dark field; ceiling 3W high brightness white LED as a surface light source, 6500 + 500K color temperature of lighting in line with a diamond grading requirements; 
* high brightness fiber optic illuminator; with F15 Lens: The new compact design, large depth of field, stereoscopic, wide range of clear; multiples with lock function, suitable equipment for use; 
* 7.0-45X continuous zoom, zoom ratio of 6.4: l; Working distance 95mm;