7X-45X Microscope with Stand:

Model No.: HJ-GM10


Arm length: 330mm
Transverse ends fixed connection size: 16mm
Transverse horizontal pivot range: 360 ° rotation
Maximum load arm fixed end: 9.50kg (20.94lbs)
Base Type: Clip
Base shape: rectangle
Base and mount interface Dimensions: Φ22mm
Base size: 104x77x136mm
Clip size of the opening: 0 ~ 53mm
Stand Net weight: 5.63kg (12.41lbs)
Physical dimension: 104x450x320mm (4.095x17.717x12.598 ")

Multiple objective: 0.7X-4.5X 
Lens zoom ratio 1: 6.4:
Binocular head: IPD 55-75mm, diopter adjustment ± 5 diopter 45 ° inclined 360 ° rotating
Field of view: 32 mm -4.4mm
Total magnification: 7X-45X (optional 0.5X, 2X big objective, 20X eyepiece up to 3.5X-180X, sold separately)
Working distance: 100mm
Instrument Net weight: about 7.0kg 
Gross Weight: about 8.0kg
Instrument size: 24X28X40 (cm) 
Packing size: 28X40X44 (cm)