What are the Advantages of 3D jewelry Printing Compared to Traditional Jewelry Production?

Dec. 08, 2023

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The traditional jewelry manufacturing process has to go through several sets of procedures such as silver plate, rubber mold, plastic mold opening, wax injection, mold repair, etc. The procedures are many and complicated, and the cost of equipment, venue, materials, labor and time is relatively large. 3D printing has largely replaced manual work, eliminating many links and greatly reducing working time. According to reports, making the same jewelry wax mold, DLP 3D Printer for Jewelry takes dozens of times more by hand.

DLP 3D Printer for Jewelry

DLP 3D Printer for Jewelry

At present, 3D printing technology mainly replaces the engraving of jewelry carving wax. Precise hand-made jewelry designed by the designer requires a very skilled waxworker. The 3D printer can easily make multiple wax models at the same time, and it perfectly matches the designer's design model, which greatly reduces the time, manual error and unnecessary loss during the manual versioning, and also guarantees the high quality of the model. Accurate, thereby reducing production costs and greatly improving production efficiency.

The 3D printer directly prints the wax pattern, then uses the lost wax casting process to pour out the silver plate, and then performs a series of processes such as laminating film. Today, 3D printers can completely replace the manual plate-making process for mass production, which is suitable for factory scale and standardized production.

Compared with traditional manual craftsmanship, when designing jewellery, designers must focus on craftsmanship, otherwise the products in the manufacturing process can only be discussed on paper.

Even if craftsmanship is given priority when conceiving and designing, in the actual production stage, traditional manual craftsmanship will not be able to achieve production. This situation is very common, not to mention mass production. No matter how peculiar shapes and wild ideas and designs can be printed out in 3D, this is not possible with traditional craftsmanship.

This is also an important feature of 3D printing craft jewelry-liberating the designer's mind, and also making jewelry design easier to meet the individual needs of young people, so that the designer's works can be produced in batches. Nevertheless, in this jewelry industry, technology is still regarded as a powerful tool. It and the traditional jewelry craftsmanship, as well as jewelry design, are mutually supportive relationships. No one can replace anyone. Traditional jewelry design is a process of artistic creation. There may be unexpected ideas and unexpected gains in the creation. The 3D printing process is different. It is what your model looks like. The print is the design unless the printer fails. Our company also has Magnetic Polisher on sale, welcome to consult.