How to clean and care for your jewelry?

Dec. 08, 2023

  Jewelry is the most treasured value and precious jewelry. Jewelry has been worn for a long time, and the surface is not bright or discolored. How to maintain it on a daily basis?

  Gold is easily stained with oil, making the surface color not bright. There are usually several ways to clean the jewelry:

  1. Cleaning solution washing method

  Use a small bowl or teacup to hold warm water and adjust the amount in the water. Dip the jewel in the water, gently scrub with a toothbrush, then use a mesh screen to cover it, rinse it with warm water under the faucet and dry it with a soft lint-free cloth.

  2. Coldwater immersion method

  Dip the diamond in water for about 30 minutes in a small bowl or teacup, then use a small brush to gently brush around the left and right sides of the jewel, then wave it in the water for a while, then take it out and dry it with a paper towel.

  3. Rapid cleaning method

  Buy Jewelry Ultrasonic Cleaners from a regular channel or a 1:6 ratio chlorine solution to clean the jewelry at home. Use a soft brush to gently scrub. This will remove most of the stains and greatly enhance the brightness of the jewelry.

  4.Using ultrasonic cleaning

  Ultrasonic cleaning is characterized by no perforation, can be cleaned to very fine places and quickly cleaned. In addition, the use of Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner Jewelry does not damage the jewelry surface.

  5. Use a washer.

      An ion cleaner or Jewelry Steam Cleaner can be used to clean gold jewelry that cannot be treated with soapy water. Insert the jewelry into the hole in the cleaner or in the box and the machine will clean the jewelry in a few minutes.

  Machines for cleaning jewelry can be found at pharmacies and homeware stores.         

Ultrasonic Cleaner Jewelry

How to clean and care for your jewelry?

Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner Jewelry

  If you don't want to buy a cleaner, you can bring your jewelry to a jeweler for ion cleaning or steam cleaning.

  Jewelry Family Care Tips:

  1. When you do housework, don't let the diamonds you wear stain with oil or bleach. Oil stains will affect the luster of the jewelry; the bleach will cause spots on the metal.

  2. It is not advisable to wear diamond ornaments to do heavy work. Although the diamond is hard and wearable, it may be damaged if it is hit hard according to its texture direction.

  3. Do not put the diamond jewelry in the drawer or jewelry box together with other jewelry, because the diamond will scratch other jewelry when rubbing. At the same time, platinum jewelry should not be worn at the same time as gold. Because gold is soft, if it rubs against each other, it will not only damage the gold jewelry, but also make a gold stain on platinum, making it yellow, and difficult to remove.

  4. Send the platinum jewelry to the jewelry store every year to check whether the diamond and the setting are loose and worn for timely renovation.

  5. Diamonds are sticky to grease, diamonds sticking to skin oils, cosmetics and kitchen oils will lose their luster, so they should be cleaned once a month, you can buy a small ultrasonic cleaning machine to keep their light.

  When the jewelry is cleaned, of course, the ideal place to save is the jewelry box. If you don't have a jewelry box, wrap it in a clean, soft cloth. Some people like to wrap it in cotton to avoid injury. It is best to use good lint, do not use absorbent cotton in the hospital, because the cotton is bleached, there will be bleach residue, which is not good for jewelry, especially pearls, turquoise, etc., will reduce or even lose luster. And be sure to note that you can't put multiple jewels together in the same box, and don't wrap multiple jewels with a soft cloth. Because the hardness of various jewels and metals is different, they will wear out due to friction. The stored environment, temperature, and humidity should be as stable as possible. When placing, place the gemstone up and do not touch other items.