Do you Know the Principle of Jewelry Matching?

Dec. 08, 2023

As a Diamond Burs Manufacturer, share with you.

Of course, in addition to the small and delicate jewelry, there are other basic principles. If we want jewelry to serve us better, we must understand the fundamentals of jewelry. Only by following the basic principles of jewelry can visual harmony be guaranteed.

Bench Polishing Machines

Bench Polishing Machines

Candy-shaped jewelry is clearly inappropriate for women over 30. If you want to make the most of your jewelry in your body, you must choose the jewelry that suits your age. Under normal circumstances, 20-25 years old is suitable for wearing youthful and lively jewelry, including candy jewelry, geometric jewelry and cartoon jewelry. 26--30 years old is suitable for wearing women's jewelry, including crystal jewelry, luxury jewelry, gold and silver jewelry, etc. 30-40 years old is suitable for wearing mature and mature women's jewelry, including pearls, vintage scarves, shawls and other jewelry. Women over 41 are suitable for wearing elegant and noble jewelry, and try to choose dark colors that can show elegance, such as emerald, sapphire, and agate red. Our company has Precision Jewelry Microscopes on sale.

Earlier it was said that jewelry is an identity tag for people. If a lawyer wears a charming brooch, it is obviously incompatible with his identity. The effect of this matching will reduce the dignity of the lawyer's status. At the same time, this jewelry is also a failed label. Therefore, when choosing jewelry, you should consider your identity and occupation in order to convey information to the outside world.

Of course, jewelry should also be paired with personal dress, what kind of clothes you wear should match the corresponding style of jewelry. For example, if you like mysterious and wild dress styles, you can wear similar style jewelry such as leopard print belt or zebra watch. This look will look very harmonious.

If jewelry can help the host show his personality, that's the best thing. For example, a simple feather brooch can help the host show his elegant temperament. If the host is also a person who pays great attention to personal temperament, then this brooch is undoubtedly the best business card displayed by the host. Not only that, because of your carefully selected small jewelry, others will remember your character.

Jewellery is more expensive than fine jewelry. Of course, if you are a jewelry lover, please pay attention to the jewelry style of your whole body and unify the letters as much as possible. Do you think that if an international supermodel wearing an elegant female crown, strawberry earrings, colorful necklaces and vintage bags slowly walks towards you, do you still think she will come to the Halloween ball? This mix and match effect is definitely not good-looking! It is very important to unify the style of jewelry on a person.

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