How should the Gold Pendant be Maintained?

Mar. 14, 2020

Gold is a traditional precious metal in China. Jewelry made with gold can not only be worn beautifully but also appreciate, so more and more people like to wear gold jewelry. Among them, the gold pendant chest perfectly displays the tenderness and temperament of women. Those who have some knowledge of gold jewelry will know that the maintenance of gold jewelry is particularly important, and it is the top priority in the maintenance of jewelry. Because if a beautiful gold jewellery is not maintained, its luster will disappear quickly. Wearing gold pendants also requires maintenance. If not carefully maintained, gold pendants will lose their original luster and charm. So how should the gold pendant be maintained? As a Gold Smelting Machine Supplier, share with you.

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1. Avoid contact with chemicals

When we wear gold pendants, we should pay attention to avoid contact with these highly volatile cosmetic products such as cosmetics and perfumes, otherwise it is easy to cause the gold pendants to fade and change color, so we can put on makeup and wear it after spraying perfume Our gold pendant; Secondly, the gold pendant cannot be in contact with the dishwashing liquid, because of the chemicals in the dishwashing liquid will also change the color of the gold pendant, so if we do cleaning work or take a bath, we should remove the gold pendant. So that we can take good care of our gold pendants. We also have Jewelry Ultrasonic Cleaners on sale.

2. Avoid friction

Because the texture of gold is soft, we must pay special attention when wearing or storing it. Do not pull the necklace or gold pendant strongly to avoid deformation of the gold pendant. If we do not wear it, we should also wipe the gold pendant clean with a velvet bag. It should be placed in the jewelry box separately, so as to avoid friction with other jewelry and deform or damage the gold pendant.

Regarding how gold pendants should be maintained, the above only briefly introduces the maintenance of gold pendants that should be away from chemicals and avoid friction. It is recommended to be extra careful when wearing or storing gold pendants. I believe that friends who have read this article have a certain understanding of the maintenance of gold jewelry. Indeed, in life, people like to buy jewelry such as gold, but they do not pay much attention to maintenance after buying home. It is extremely bad for gold jewelry. If you lose the original gloss, it may be damaged due to damage and lack of gloss. Depreciation.

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