What should be Paid Attention to When Using Pure Gold Jewelry?

Apr. 24, 2020

As a Gold Smelting Machine Supplier, share with you. Gold can be made into various jewelry, gold is divided into pure gold and k gold. Pure gold refers to pure gold with a content of more than 90%, and k gold is an alloy of gold and other metals. Due to its unique characteristics, gold should be understood and maintained in a targeted manner when it is used.

Although gold jewelry has excellent oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance, gold jewelry generally does not change color, break or corrode during wearing and use. However, gold jewelry also has its shortcomings, such as high quality gold jewelry, soft texture, poor wear resistance, jewelry surface is prone to wear marks and tarnish, therefore, in the process of wearing and using gold jewelry, you should pay attention to the following aspects:

Jewelry Wax Injector

Jewelry Wax Injector

1. Avoid contact with mercury

Gold has the property of absorbing mercury, so it will appear white when exposed to mercury. Cosmetics used in daily life usually contain mercury, which has a whitening effect. When skin with cosmetics comes into contact with gold jewelry, gold jewelry will absorb trace elements of mercury in cosmetics. After a long time, the mercury on the surface of the gold jewelry "whitened" was heated and evaporated by the gasoline spray gun, which restored the color of the gold jewelry to its original golden luster.

Old jewelry containing silver or copper will also turn white when exposed to mercury. However, if it is reduced by fire, although mercury can evaporate and change the white color of gold jewelry, because k gold contains copper and other non-precious metal elements, copper will also oxidize during heating to produce black copper oxide.

The so-called fire usually uses an alcohol stove instead of other stronger flames. In addition, it only burns mercury pollution, if it is other pollution, it is not suitable for firing.

2. Not suitable for wearing in the windy season

Gold jewelry. Because gold jewelry has a soft texture, its surface is easily scratched and loosened by hard objects. When wearing gold jewelry in the sandstorm season, the Mohs hardness of the quartz sand in the sand is 7, which is much higher than that of gold. Therefore, if the gold jewelry is worn in the sand and dust storm season, the surface of the jewelry will lose its gloss over time, especially in the sand and dust storm season in the north of spring and summer, it is not suitable for wearing gold jewelry.

3. K Gold jewelry should not be exposed to sulfide-containing substances

K gold jewelry contains more or less silver and copper elements. When k-gold jewelry is worn in a sulfide-containing environment, trace amounts of sulfide in the air or sulfide additives in cosmetics, washing products such as sulfur soap and perfume, etc. In contact with the silver or copper elements in k gold jewelry, black sulfide will be produced on the surface of the jewelry.

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