What is the Relationship Between Jewelry and Face Shape?

Dec. 08, 2023

As a Jewelry Pliers Factory, share jewelry and face shape with you.

Jewelry itself is an ornament of the human body, it can make up for the defects of the human body, reflect the beauty of the human body, and then highlight the taste. People's faces are different. When wearing jewelry, you should pay attention to choose different styles of jewelry to match the best effect of face shape.

People's faces can be divided into five types: oval, melon-shaped, rectangular, round and triangular, so when buying jewelry should be different. Our company also sells DLP 3D Printer for Jewelry.

DLP 3D Printer for Jewelry

DLP 3D Printer for Jewelry

(1) Oval: Oval face shape, there is a variety of jewelry to choose from. If you comb your long hair, you will feel charming and soft when you wear ruby. People with short hair wearing Patek Philippe earplugs will also look very elegant.

(2) Type of melon seeds: upper (or round) lower cut or large forehead tip, is a face type suitable for wearing various jewelry. Large flower-shaped earplugs or simple rings with pendants can be worn; the necklace should be thin and short to increase the width of the jaw and avoid the feeling of lengthening the face.

(3) Rectangular: The characteristics of this face shape are long up and down and long in the middle, so when wearing jewelry, you should increase the width of the horizontal midline of the face appropriately. To this end, choose to wear large and dazzling gem-set earrings or short round earrings, do not fall off, this will make the ears bigger and the face wider. But don't wear a swinging ring to avoid forming a large triangular surface.

(4) Round: The principle of decoration is to shrink the cheeks and lengthen the chin. The upper part can be solved by blowing the hair to the thickness of the mat, while the lower part can be elongated by wearing an elongated necklace. The earrings should not be too big.

(5) Triangle: This is a wide face with upper and lower cheeks. Makeup is difficult. The principle of makeup is to increase the width of the face. It can consist of front and hairstyle. Earrings should be small, but not large. The necklace should be long, not short, thick, not thin, because a long necklace can elongate the jaw and make it cut.

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