High-precision Multi-function Cutting & Drilling Machine:

Model NO: HJ-DM7

High-precision multi-function cutting machine, Drilling Machine


Voltage: 220V;

Power: 680W; 

Rotation speed: 500-18000 rpm;

Weight: about 10 kg,

Size: 50 * 23 * 20cm (cm),

With speed switch; with positive and negative switch.


1. Small and stable, beautiful appearance, easy to carry, suitable for any place.

2.The chuck can be clamped with a needle handle diameter range: 0.3-6.5mm, the clamp range can be used to punch various round beads and barrel beads of 4mm-35mm. (Pearl, wooden beads, beads, beeswax, bodhi, shells, ivory, amber, are applicable) 

3. With 15 pairs of special fixtures (including copper fixtures, plastic fixtures)

4. The fixture of this machine is made of ABS material. The surface of ABS is smooth and wearable. It is the raw material of the brake system of high-grade cars.

5. Equipped with a drop box and a dust hole at the bottom of the vise, so that the machine can punch holes in batches.

6. The motor base has four screws, which can adjust the direction of the drill bit up and down, scientific and convenient.

7. Equipped with a foot switch to ensure that the motor can work for a long time.