30V 5Amp Digital Plating Machine:

Model NO: HJ-243


The series are DC Switching power supply with accuracy 5 digital meter. The output voltage can be adjusted from 0 to 30V, and the output current is from 0 to 5A.


1. 10mV/1mV precision and resolution

2. Low noise and ripple

3. Highly reliable OCP protection

4. Keyboard lock function to prevent operator errors

5. Large LED display

Technical Specificatioins:

Input voltage: 230V 50Hz,

Output voltage: 0-30V (adj.),

Output current: 0-5A (adj.),

Ripple voltage: 1 mV,

Ripple current: 3 mA,

Dimensions: 110x156x260mm,

Packing size: 300x200x245mm

Net Weight: 4.80kg,

Gross Weight: 5.60kg