Germany MATADOR Sandpaper:

Model No.: HJ-SP4


S/C waterproof paper " SOFTFLEX", not easy to broke, suitable for all kinds of material, including jewelry, jade, stone inkstone, metal (copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel and other metal casting), plastic, precision instrument, solid wood, cork, the paint surface conditioning and fine polishing processing.
Made in Germany. 
Size: 230*280mm (9"X11"); 
Packing: 50 sheets / bag; 500 sheets / box; 
Thickness: 0.085mm;

Availbale Grit: 220#,240#,280#,400#,600#,800#,1000#,1200#,2000#,2500#,3000#,5000#,7000#( #7000 is for mirror surface finishing).


1, for automotive, hull, machine tools and other mechanical equipment, polishing and polishing precision instruments
2, for all types of alloy products, stainless steel products, non-ferrous metals, ferrous metal sheet and impeller blades and other metal parts buckle, polishing
3, for high-grade furniture, wood products, polished and polished jewelry, handicrafts, rattan products, such as fine grinding
4, for the piano, musical instruments and other paint surface, such as polished ash, you can use in jade, jewelry, gold, brass, plastic shell, etc.
Application Industry: metal processing, wood processing, stone processing, glass processing, ceramic processing, plastic and rubber processing, electronic information materials processing, abrasive manufacturing, abrasive manufacturing Application: grinding and polishing.
 Application Note: Whether it is metal, wood, glass, ceramics, plastics, cell phone shell, digital camera case, varnish or stone, manual processing or modern high-speed machine processing, is dry wet STABCKE can provide abrasive for almost all applications.

Photos for grit 3000#, 5000#, 7000#.