Steel Wire Cup Brush:

Model No.: HJ-701  Steel Wire,   100pcs/box, 2.35mm axis; 

Model No.: HJ-702  Brass Wire,  100pcs/box, 2.35mm axis; 

Model No.: HJ-703  Chungking Bristle,  100pcs/box, 2.35mm axis;

Model No.: HJ-766  White Bristle,  100pcs/box, 2.35mm axis;

Model No.: HJ-768  Brown horse hair,  100pcs/box, 2.35mm axis;

Model No.: HJ-704  Chungking Bristle,  144pcs/box, 2.35mm axis;

Model No.: HJ-705  Horse Hair,  144pcs/box, 2.35mm axis;

Model No.: HJ-706  Gray Goat Hair,  144pcs/box, 2.35mm axis;  

Model No.: HJ-707  Brass Wire,  100pcs/box, 2.35mm axis;  

Model No.: HJ-708  Steel Wire,  100pcs/box, 2.35mm axis;   

Model No.: HJ-709  Bleached Cloth,  100pcs/box, 2.35mm axis;   

Model No.: HJ-710  White Cloth,  100pcs/box, 2.35mm axis;

Model No.: HJ-711  Cotton Thread,  100pcs/box, 2.35mm axis;

Model No.: HJ-712  Yellow Cloth,  100pcs/box, 2.35mm axis;

Model No.: HJ-764  Single Cotton,  100pcs/box, 2.35mm axis;

Model No.: HJ-765  Yellow Chamois,  100pcs/box, 2.35mm axis;

Model No.: HJ-761  Three-Felt,  100pcs/box, 2.35mm axis;

Model No.: HJ-713  Single Felt,  100pcs/box, 2.35mm axis;

Model No.: HJ-762   Green Non- woven (Thick),  100pcs/box, 2.35mm axis;

Model No.: HJ-762A   Green Non- woven (Thin),  100pcs/box, 2.35mm axis;

Model No.: HJ-763   Brown Non- woven (Thick),  100pcs/box, 2.35mm axis;

Model No.: HJ-763A   Brown Non- woven (Thin),  100pcs/box, 2.35mm axis;

Model No.: HJ-714   Brass Wire,  100pcs/box, 2.35mm axis;

Model No.: HJ-715   Steel Wire,  100pcs/box, 2.35mm axis;

Model No.: HJ-716   Chungking Bristle,  100pcs/box, 2.35mm axis;

Model No.: HJ-717   Gray Goat Hair,  100pcs/box, 2.35mm axis;

Model No.: HJ-718   White bristle,  100pcs/box, 2.35mm axis;

Model No.: HJ-719   Horse Hair,  100pcs/box, 2.35mm axis;


Great for polishing and finishing metal

They can be used with a Dremel tool, flex shafts.

Each measures approximately 9/16" (13 mm) in diameter

Each mandrel has a 1/8" & 3/32"  (3 mm & 2.35mm) shank