XRF Spectrometer Gold Tester (Si-Pin Detector):

Model No.: HJ-XRF1

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Precious Metal One

Performance and Configuration

Analysis Range               1ppm to 100%

Accuracy                     RSD ≤ 0.05% (Au ≥ 90%)

Sample Form                 Solid, powder, liquid

X-Ray Tube Voltage           5KV ~ 50KV (USA)

High Voltage Power Supply   0 ~ 50KV (USA)

X-Ray Tube Current           0μA ~ 1000μA

Camera                       HD camera

Filters                         Selectable customized switches

Detector Type                 Si-pin (USA)

Resolution                    160 ± 5eV

Multichannel Analyzer        DMCP

Sample Chamber Size         368 * 298 * 86 (mm)

Test Time                     10sec ~ 100sec

Elements of Interest           Precious metal Au, Ag, Pt, Pd, Ir,Ru, Rh, Os, etc.

                               Basic metals W, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Cd, Sn, Pb, etc.

Analysis Software             FP qualitative and quantitative analysis software

External Dimensions          615 * 418 * 315(mm)

Weight                       50Kg

Instruments Environmental Requirements

Ambient Temperature        15 ° C ~ 35° C (Suggested that in air conditioning room)

Relative Humidity            35% ~ 75%

Detects Au:  99.90 -- 99.99


XRF Spectrometer Gold Tester