New Style Rolling Mill:

Model No.: HJ-506



Gear Ratio 5.3:1

Roller Diameter: 50mm

Maximum opening: 0-10 mm

Flat area (+/-0.01mm): 65mm

Square wire (+/-0.01mm): 10(5.0...1.0)

Ring shank - half round ellipsis: 6 (5.3×1.2 ... 2.0 × 0.8)


We have started utilizing a unique hardening procedure which allows us to market superior rollers that will perform beautifully. Our rollers are made from a high quality carbon steel alloy that offers excellent wear resistance and the outer 3 mm of the rolls are hardened to around 60 HRC for superior deformation resistance.

Our new units are all powder coated for superior corrosion protection and appearance.

HAJET's rolling mills feature true gear reduction with easily turned short handles.