Sandblaster Machine For Jewelry:

Model NO:HJ-93


New economic shape allows a more comfortable position. Increased working space in the chamber. Low assistance required. Use with an air compressor. Complete with nozzle.

Voltage:220V 50Hz,
Dimensions: 460mm*330mm*420mm (L*W*H),
Include: 3 Pen,1 Electronic Foot Control,2 Sheet Iron

 The use of sandblasting machine: 
1. Surface cleaning 
Oxide after heat treatment, residual salt, residual oil, etc.; black (a) the oxidation of skin color casting, sand, etc.; no residual oxide processing precision casting, sand, etc.; Machined Products residues, micro-burr, etc.; oxide welding parts, welding slag, etc.; cold, hot-rolled steel plate (steel) of the oxide coating, corrosion layers; a variety of mold cavity mold release agents, sediments, etc.; the surface of the sintered ceramic components residue; plastic molding parts of the flash; the surface of radioactive elements; bridges, hydropower gate, ship, building; airport runway rubber adhesion layer; train cars; various pipes and tank containers; the old parts of the oil, attachments, etc.; container residual paint, rust layer and attachments, etc.; porcelain sintering on the wrong layer; decoration scratched the surface ... ....
2. Surface pre-treatment before coating
Paint, paint the former; spray before; metal before spraying; zinc, chromium, nickel ago; oxidation front; testing before the ... ...
3. Change the mechanical properties of the workpiece surface roughness increase or decrease; change the surface tension stress is compressive stress; enhance the surface lubrication; reduce the noise coupled parts of the movement; improve surface friction coefficient

4. Workpiece surface finishing process 
Polished metal surface decoration; get matte or diffuse surface; polishing the surface of wood products ...
5. Parchment and other clean-up and preservation of works of art
6. Cleaning brush, such as contactors and wiring technique the surface, to improve the electrical properties


Sandblasting machine advantages: 
1. Sandblasting machine metal parts of the base from damage, dimensional accuracy will not change; 
2. Part surface is not contaminated, abrasive material will not be with the parts for the chemical reaction;
3. Sandblasting machine can easily handle groove, concave and other difficult to access the site, a variety of abrasive particle size can choose to use;
4. A significant reduction in processing costs, mainly reflected in the improvement of the efficiency of blasting machines, to meet the requirements of a wide range of surface finishing;
5. Low energy consumption, cost of province;
6. Sandblasting machine does not pollute the environment, eliminating the need for environmental control costs;

How to filter sand blasting machine

1. Depends on the size of the workpiece, select the box blasting machine, move the blasting machine, and automatic sandblasting machine; 
2. Depends on the shape of products, select the blast machine specifications, generally have a fixed one meter below the specifications, particularly large order or choose to open.
3. On the surface of the product requirements of the degree depends on the concrete is dry or wet spray spray spray if it is dry, then the choice of a lot of abrasive, wet spray is generally glass sand.
4. Sandblasting machine to be familiar with some parts, sand blasting gun and blasting gloves often want to change things, because in fact, wear a very powerful blast.

Sandblasting machine fault analysis 
Blasting machine is a common casting machinery and equipment, along with the extensive application of sandblasting machine, sandblasting machine failures plagued some of the operators, if not timely troubleshooting, will lead to sand blasting machine unusable. Here we take a look at the common blasting machine failure. 
(1) sand blasting machine breakdown phenomenon: no air, no abrasive
Possible reasons: 1. Compressed air is not open
2. Relief valve set pressure is too low
3. Foot switch is not adjusted or damage
4. Sandblasting or abrasive valve plug
5. Safety gas cut off
6. Sandblasting machine is broken the main regulator
7. Controlled by adjusting the pressure valve is broken


1. Open air 
2. The pressure to 0.5MPa or more
3. Adjust or replace foot switch
4. Abrasive cleaning nozzles or valves or reload
5. Check the safety valve gas on the road
6. Check the main regulator blasting machine
7. Check the blasting machine control valve

(2) sandblasting machine breakdown phenomenon: the good material into the vacuum bags of sand 
Possible reasons:

1. New vacuum bags larger gap 
2. Sand material too thin
Remedy: 1. Generally cleared after 8 hours
2. Adopt a more coarse material
(3) sandblasting machine failure phenomenon: the loss of sand material
Possible causes: dust bag has holes or clamp
Remedy: Replace vacuum bags, vacuum bags to re-clamping
(4) sand blasting machine breakdown phenomenon: the blast is unclear when the line of sight
Possible reasons:

1. Vacuum bags clogging 
2. Vacuum bags blocked aging
3. Sand compound with too much dust
4. Compressed air pressure is too high
Remedy: 1. Shaking sand blasting machine vacuum bags
2. Replace vacuum bags blasting machine
3. Replace sand material
4. To reduce the pressure recommended by sand blasting machine
 adjustments to the "flame adjustment", to generate a satisfactory flame