6L Steam Cleaner for Jewellery:

Model No.: HJ-86


The steam clean machine is the latest techincal cleaning machine on the earth, it is rely on high pressure steam to clean, adopt integreated circuit protect, pressure and safe steam valve pooteet water lack protect etc,make it in novel structure,advanced circuit,reliable work,high effect,characteristics,specially used in jewelry trade; such as jewels,specially used in jewelry trade; such as jewels, jade ware, gold ornaments,platinum decorations,silver goods and medicine & hygiene trade, watches and clocks trade laboratory high precision,technical parts, also can reach the leading level in the cleaning side.


1. First connect with power which between 200V-240V,

2. Turn on the power switch (red light),

3. Do not turn on the work switch (green light) before filling water in, if it's lack of water, the light will be shining, must fill water in immediately, it shows the water pool is empty,

4. Step on the foot control switch and add steam water or water in,

5.The lowest water level is not below the down water level mark, the highest level is not over the up water level mark, release foot pedal switch after adding water and close valve, then trun on work swith (green light),

6. When the green light is shining, the machine is working. the redlight shinging, the steam pressure is saturation at the same time the gas-pressure meter is shons between 7.5-8.5kg so it can begin to work,

7. The machine must be cleaned once a week during cleaning, please add 10g-20g clean pool powder in pool for 10-20 minutes, then drain dust water from the pool, so it is cleaned.


1. Please do not dismounting machine,let special maintenance worker do repair and maintain work,

2. During use,the outside of machine must has earthing device,

3. Must use clean pool powder that is setted with machine,do not use chemical reagent corrosivity liquid,sush as acid alkali inflammables explosion which can damage the machine,

4. Clean pool powder is saled by factors,

5. In order to prolong the file of using,please read the manual carefully.


Voltage: 220V-240V,

Frequency: 50-60Hz,

Power: 3KW, 

Steam temp: 100°C;

Water consumption: 2L/H,

Steam pressure:7-8kg,

Machine size: 52*28*44cm,

Packing Size: 57*38*48cm,

Net Weight: 23kg

Packing weight: approx. 31kg