0.6L Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner


Use tap water for cleaning.
Practical and classic design.
3-59 minutes adjustable.
Moisture-proofed and anti-corrosion PCB, more durable.
Special use for promotion preject.


The ultrasonic cleaning process provides high quality cleaning and exceeds, by ease of use and end result, conventional cleaning methods. The tiny microscopic bubbles generated by the transducers provide cleaning of very difficult, irregular and complex parts. Even inaccessible areas can be cleaned without any trace of physical cleaning (scratches, etc...).


Jewelry and Watches: Necklaces, Earrings, Rings, Bracelets, Coins, Watch Straps and Bands etc.
Eye Care: Glasses, Sunglasses, Contact Lens Accessories.
Daily Personal Care: Dentures, Combs, Toothbrushes, Table Wares.


Ultrasonic Frequency40 KHz
Tank MaterialStainless Steel SUS304
Tank Capacity600 ml 
Timer3-59 mins adjustable
Power SupplyAC100~120V, 60Hz
AC220~240V, 50Hz
Tank Size(mm)155×95×52mm (L×W×H)
Overall Size(mm)200×140×125mm (L×W×H)
N.W.0.9 kgs
G.W.1.1 kgs


Package size(mm)245×174×165 (L×W×H)
Carton size (mm)546×509×355 (L×W×H)
20 GP3058pcs
40 GP6588pcs


How Do Ultrasonic Cleaners Work?

An ultrasonic cleaner is a device that utilizes ultrasound to get rid of the dirt from your jewelry.

The products are put in a storage tank loaded with a cleansing solution.

After the cleaner is turned on, its motor produces ultrasonic vibrations with the liquid.

These resonances break down the dust particles accumulated externally of your jewelry.

The advantage regarding ultrasonic cleansers is that they can cleanse the parts of your jewelry that are or else unreachable when utilizing extra conventional techniques.

What Cleaning Option Should Be Utilized?

The choice is to prepare a cleansing liquid on your own.

If you choose to make a homemade cleaning service, just fill up the storage tank of your cleaner with water, and also add a tablespoon of ammonia.

After that include some dishwashing liquid as well as you're done-- it's that basic.

You might wish to transform the maker on and let it run with no products for 5-10 mins to ensure that the option obtains mixed well.

Bear in mind to Heat It Up

One of the typical mistakes individuals make when making use of an ultrasonic cleaner is to place cold water in the container. For the cleaning remedy to function best, it needs to be hot.

There are ultrasonic cleaners that have a built-in heater to ensure that the service is heated up. However, these designs can be far more pricey than the routine ones.

All you require to do is just heat the water up before you place it in the storage tank (do not bring the water to a boil, though). Then you can mix in the ammonia and also the dishwashing fluid.

The Cleansing Process

After you have filled the storage tank with warm water as well as put the cleaning fluid, you can put your precious jewelry inside. Do not put in too many pieces at the same time, however, so as not to scrape your fashion jewelry.

Transform the gadget on and allow it to run for as long as required until your fashion jewelry is clean. (Depending on just how unclean the things are, this moment normally differs from 1 to 20 minutes.).

After the cleaning is done, switch over the cleaner off and also leave your fashion jewelry inside for another 5-10 mins so that the dust bits that were knocked off your items by the sound waves can be up to the bottom of the tank.

After you take your precious jewelry out, you can clean it quickly with a soft brush to see to it that any kind of recurring dirt is eliminated, specifically from the mountings of your rings.

Wash the items to clean off any continuing to be detergent, and dry them with a soft cloth.

how Frequently Should You Use an Ultrasonic Cleaner?

The regularity of using an ultrasonic cleaner will rely on just how swiftly your precious jewelry obtains dirty.

Generally, you can cleanse your precious jewelry with ultrasound every number of weeks.

If you use you items every day as well as they collect dust faster, you can clean them every week.

As long as your precious jewelry is made of materials that can take ultrasound, cleansing your products more often will certainly not hurt them.

What You Ought to Not Place in an Ultrasonic Cleaner.

Not all fashion jewelry ought to be cleaned up with an ultrasonic tool.

Numerous gemstones can be easily damaged by ultrasound. Do not placed in softer gems such as opals, lapis lazuli, emerald greens, blue-green, etc

. Organic precious jewelry such as pearls, coral pieces, or brownish-yellow can likewise be harmed.

Additionally, do not put within your ultrasonic cleaner gems whose color has been improved via heat therapy.

Ultrasonic Cleaner