New 17" Drum Vibratory Tumbler:

Model NO: HJ-17A

Main Parameters:

Voltage: 220V,
Speed: 2500RPM.
Bucket Dia: 17",
Size: 440x440x460mm,
Packing Size: 450x450x500mm,
Weight: 20kg,

Designed with heavy duty drive and suspension system,as well as additional adyustable amplitude and tough,cross-linked polyethylence for use with all medias to achieve aptimum processing results.Good for chains,bracelets and necklaces tumbling.

Safty Instructions

Before using your machie, please read all safety instructions. They are for your protection and should always be allowed to reduce the risk of personal injury or damage to the tool.

Never operate any accessory at speeds above it's maximum speed rating. Never operate your machine during a perceptible power decrease. Turn the machine off and do not use unitl power is fully restored.

Intended Use
This Tumbler  is designed  for cleaning and/or deburring machined parts with  the use of media
(media purchased separately).    Rust inhibitors can be added to the Tumbler during cleaning.      

Technical Specifications




Tub Total Volume Capacity

Tumbler Dia  (mm)




















         Polishing Medium (need to order separately)



Agate   Beads                             Application:Rotary Tumbler &Vibratory Tumbler


Magnetic Agate   Beads                Application:Rotary Tumbler &Vibratory   Tumbler

General Safty RuleS


Read and understand all instructions.Failure to follow all instructions listed  below may result in serious injury.


Do not allow persons to operate or assemble this vibratory tumbler until they  have  read  this  manual  and  have  developed  a  thorough  understanding  of  how  the vibratory tumbler works.


The warnings,cautions,  and  instructions  discussed  in  this  instruction manual  cannot  cover  all  possible  conditions  or  situations  that  could  occur.  It  must  be understood by  the operator  that common sense and caution are  factors which cannot be built  into this product, but must be supplied by the operator.

Working Area
•  Keep work area clean, free of clutter and well lit. Cluttered and dark work areas can cause 
•  Keep children and bystanders away while operating the vibratory tumbler. Distractions can
cause you to lose control, so visitors should remain at a safe distance from the work area.
•  Be aware of all power lines, electrical circuits, water pipes and other mechanical hazards in
your work area, particularly those hazards below the work surface hidden from the operator’s
view that may be unintentionally contacted and may cause personal harm or property damage.    
•  Be alert of your surroundings. Using the vibratory tumbler in confined work areas may put
you in a dangerous situation.

Personal Safety
•  Stay alert, watch what you are doing and use common sense when using the vibratory tumbler. 
Do not use the vibratory tumbler while you are tired or under the influence of drugs, alcohol or
medication. A moment of inattention while operating the vibratory tumbler may result in serious
personal injury.
•  Dress properly. Do not wear loose clothing, dangling objects, or jewelry. Keep your hair,
clothing and gloves away from moving parts. Loose clothes, jewelry or long hair can be caught
in moving parts.
•  Use safety apparel and equipment. Use safety goggles or safety glasses with side shields
which comply with current national standards, or when needed, a face shield. Use as dust mask
in dusty work conditions. This applies to all persons in the work area. Also use non-skid safety
shoes, hardhat, gloves, dust collection systems, and hearing protection when appropriate. .

Vibratory Tumbler Use & Care
•  Do not modify the vibratory tumbler in any way. Unauthorized modification may impair the 
function and/or safety and could affect the life of the equipment. There are specific applications
for which the vibratory tumbler was designed.
•  Always check for damaged or worn out parts before using the vibratory tumbler. Broken
parts will affect the vibratory tumbler operation. Replace or repair damaged or worn parts
•  Do not exceed the vibratory tumbler load capacity.
•  Distribute the load evenly. Uneven loads may cause the vibratory tumbler to tip, resulting in
personal injury to the operator or others.
•  Use the vibratory tumbler on flat and level surfaces capable of supporting the vibratory
tumbler and its maximum load. Pulling or pushing a load on a slanted or uneven surface can
result in loss of control.
•  Store idle vibratory tumbler. When the vibratory tumbler is not in use, store it in a secure
place out of the reach of children. Inspect it for good working condition prior to storage and
before re-use.


1.  Fill Vibratory Tumbler Tub with tumbling media, about 2/3 to 3/4 full. 
2.  Add Water or Rust inhibitor to media if preferred, but not necessary.
3.  Add material/parts to be tumbled.
4.  Close and latch Tub Cover.
5.  Turn timer to preferred time setting.
6.  Check material/parts periodically. Always turn Vibratory Tumbler off before opening Tub
7.  When finished tumbling material/parts, open Drain Valve to drain tub if water was used.


Keep all body parts and people clear of Vibratory Tumbler when Vibratory Tumbler is in use.

Repair Service

Factory repairs are done promptly and reasonable cost. If you wish, you can send your equipment directly to the factory service Dept. Be sure to give your street address and telephone number. The equipment should be accompanied by a brief note describing the problem. Estimates will be made u pon request.