Wax Injector with Manual Controller:

Model No.: HJ-63


Voltage: AC 220V, 50/60Hz,

Power: 650W,




1. Nomenclature

1.1   Auto Clamping constitute of clamp unit and box controller.Installation see figure
(1)nomenclature see figures (2), (3) below.

Wax Injector with Manual Controller

1.2   Operation Function

I. Regulator:Air pressure(about 2kg/cm) are adjusted by rotating the regulator knob ckockwise.

II. Timer:When you want to keep the mold clamped longer time(Holding time value adjusting by dial of timer).

III. Start button(automatic swith):When you press this start button,wax are injected automatic start.The start button is same to that of the start button on the clamp unit body.

IV.               Maunal swith(clamp and forward):The clamp unit body are adjusted (checked) using these switches by push switch of clamp and switch of forward.

1.3   Clamp Unit 

Wax Injector with Manual Controller

2. Installing and Connecting

2.1   Place the vacuum wax injector on base plate of clamp unit.Put rear stopper with rubber plate,makes contact with the rear panel of the vacuum wax injector then screw up the two rear stopper fixation bolts.So that the mouth of rubber mold is concentrated with the nozzle of wax injection by adjusting the height and longitudinal.see Figure(4),(5),(6),(8).

Wax Injector with Manual Controller

2.2   Connect the tub hoses and electrical cables in Fingure(5),these hoses and electrical cables are provided with machine.

3. Setting Holding Time and Count

3.1   Setting holding time for clamp mold.

I.  Turning the power switch ON,Press MANU key,indicator lamp for clamp holding time is lightened.Clamp holding time is set by press  "UP" or "DOWN key,dependent rubbermold size.

II.If setting large (small)value,display value will be changed fast by press by press holding  "UP" or "DOWN" key until to require value.

Wax Injector with Manual Controller

The setting value will be stored automatic in the machine,after seting value.Display serene can display time value at 0-99.9s.

3.2   COUNT

If you want to count for manufacture waxwork,use the MANU key.Press MANU key,count lamp will be lightened,then press  key for clear conut,display screen for o.o.o.

3.3   Display alternate time or count.

At stand by,repeat press MANU key,clamp holding time or count can be displayed alternate.

3.4   Pause

You wish to suspend operating during renning,press MANU key,return to stand by.

4. Adjusting

4.1   HEIGHT ADJUSTING (for clamp unit body)

Loosen four screws of clamp unit body height adjusting,so that height from the top surface of the mold table to the center of the wax injection nozzle of vacuum wax injector will 18-19mm.After adjustment,tighten the clamp unit body height adjusting screws.

See Figure(6).

You can use rubber mold of thickness from 15mm to 30mm by changing thickness of methacrylate jig as the below table.

Rubber mold thickness(mm)

Methacrylate base plate   thickness(mm)









Before assmble an methacrylate jig.First adjusting the position of the side plates in accordan with the side plates in accordan with the mold size,make sure that mold center line will be aligned with methacrylate jig bottom center line,then the front end face of the mold will be flushed with the front end face of the methacrylate jig.Second,the side plate and rear plate be adhesived with bottom plate by acetone binder.

Wax Injector with Manual Controller

4.2   LONGITUDINAL ADJUSTMENT for clamp unit body )Loosen two screws for longitudinal adjusting on rhe clamp unit body,adjusting the longitudinal fit position of the clamp unit body,suing the longitudinal adjustment screws,so that front end face of rubber mold and the tip of wax injection nozzle will be located in same vertical plane.After adjustment tighten the longitudinal adjusting screws.

Wax Injector with Manual Controller

5. Air Pressure Adjusting (for clamp and forward)

Pull the regulator konb,rotate the regulator knob clockwise,air pressare will be boosted.Otherwise,pressare reduce,after adjusting push in the knob for locking..

6. Setting Holding Time for Clamping

You want to keep the mold clamped after finished of injection by the vacuum wax injector,use this key dependent rubber mold size,holding fit time is set by press  or  key,When volume of wax is large and it holding time to harden wax,set the time long,reference process 3.1 setting holding time for clamp mold.

7. Testing machine

     After setting pressure (for clamp and forward) place rebber mold on methacrylate jig,put it in the surface of the mold table of clamp unit body,Before start wax injection,first,pushing switch of clamp (Forward) button upper (ON). So that the clamp unit body clamping mold and running forward,then we need checking what their height was coincided the mouth of rubber mold with the nozzle of wax injection.If it coud were not coincided,manual swith of clamp and forward on the box controller,push these button to lower (OFF),The mouth of rubber mold can couple the nozzle of wax injection by adjusting longitudinal and height on clamp unit body.Repeat above mentioned a procedure until it could were coincided,further manual switch of clamp and forward go back to lower (OFF).Second,after pushing start button,machine will run auto until a cycle end.

8. Run Process

Place rubber mold with methacrylate jig in clamp unit body,pushing start button,machine will run auto a cycle;clamp rubber mold→mold forward→wax injection start signal is translated by connector B→vacuum and wax injection until end (wax injection signal be translated by connector A) →rubber mold backward→clamp holding until the time end →loosen rubber mold→take out rubber mold.

9. Maintenance

Fill periodical a rated lubrication oil on guide pillar in clamp unit body. If clamp unit body can not run forward. Please cut off the power supply on box controller, the machine needs to be repaired by a technician.

10. Troubles Shooting

10.1  Clamp unit body does not work.

A. The power cable and electrical,cables is securely plugged in?

B. Is air pressure standard?

10.2 Clamp unit body can not backward.

A. Connector A is securely plugged in?

10.3 Clamp platen do not automatic up.

A. Decrease holding time or replace timer.