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Automatic Conveyor Belt Vacuum Wax Injector:

Model No.: HJ-FJ890


1. The table length 1600 * Width 850mm * height 1100mm.

Intelligent robot -

Without using chips, easy to use, save time on making chips on rubber molds comparing to chip type machine.

2. The wax cylinder and runner Nanotechnology
3. Optional three sections of the powerful combination of parameters, it can effectively solve any difficulty piece wax injection
4. Intelligent pressure point position
5. plastic mold intelligent robot gripping device
6. The intelligent management of orders
7. The user-friendly design locker barrel
8. Industrial Touch Computer, fast computing system which is easy to operate
9. Configure the three groups of LED lighting
10. Edged wax cylinder height adjustment screw

11.Modular design, easy maintenance.

Touch interface computer system additional user-friendly design elements, the interface is more practical and beautiful neat, efficient order management system can immediately read and write film parameters, multi-style film mixed produce real-time control of all production volume, significant savings in manpower inventory time improve work efficiency.

New wax cylinder and runner latest nanotechnology, effectively extending the life of the machine.
New refrigeration system regulation wax function, greatly reducing the cooling time wax pieces, improve production efficiency.
Single machine of eight hours of continuous production, up to 5000-6000 wax pieces, two machines working at 8-hour will make production of 10 thousand - 12 thousand wax pieces.


Model No.
Brand Name
220V  50/60Hz  single phase
Rated Power
Max. and min. Rubber mold size  
110x100x60mm;  50x40x14mm
Temperature Precision 

Time Accuracy
Nozzle up and down adjustable 3 sizes. For super big thickness rubber mold, could adjust the wax injector height. 6 Color to determin 6 diffferent rubber molds data. Easy to use.  
Net Weight
approx. 130kg


Clamp pressure: 50-480kgf/cm2

Injection pressure: 20-250kgf/cm2

Vacuum time: 0-100 Sec.

Injection time: 0.5-100 Sec.

Cooling time: 0.0-100 Sec. 

Display size: 25x19cm

White Spot light: 2pcs

Cooling system: included  or  without cooling. (optional)


Automatic Conveyor Belt Vacuum Wax Injector

Automatic Conveyor Belt Vacuum Wax Injector