Digital Vacuum Wax Injector-Japan Type:

Model No.: HJ-68


       1)   Do not position your eyes in front of the nozzle at anytime.

2)   Place the foot switch at a hidden place, when the operator leavew the machine for long minutes.

3)    Some exterior metal parts (such as the nozzle,the wax pot, lid)may become very hot, avoid to burns to skin.

4)    Turn the air pressure regulator knob to “zero” when the operator the machine for long minutes .

5)    Fix the machine on stable bench and eathing .

6)    Rated fuse should be installed in soclcet, so that damage to the machine at unexpected short–circuit can be prevented.

7)    At the time of cleaning or maintenance work ,do not wipe surface of the warning labels affxed to the surface of the machinc.

8)    The machine can be used in dew condensation free ambients with remperature range 0 to 40 degrees celsius and humidty less than 90%R F.

9)    The machine be used in stable alternating current 220v±10% and 50Hz,single phase.

10) Do not use the machine at a place where dust or harmful gas is generated.


Power supply : AC 220v 50HZ/60Hz Single phase

Power consumption: 400W

Wax capacity : about 3kg

Temperature Precision: ±0.2

Air pressure supply: 4-7kg/cm

Pressure range: 0-2kg/cm

Temperature display range: 40-90C

Temperature adjusting ranges: 40-90C

Setting time range for vacuum: 0-24.9seconds

Timer ranges: 0-99.9hours

Gross Weight: about 36kg

Dimensions: 450L×310W×450H(mm)


Digital Vacuum Wax Injector-Japan Type

Digital Vacuum Wax Injector-Japan Type