Jewelry Engraving Machine HJ-121:

Model NO: HJ-121


Graver Machine HJ-121 features 400-8000 strokes per minute, a throttle bias adjustment valve for tailoring throttle response, and a dual-stage precision air regulator. Advanced ergonomics include front air pressure adjustment, Quick Connect air couplings, rear mount throttle connection, and an advanced valve pulse unit that operates with virtually no noise or vibration.
The Graver Machine HJ-121 has connections for two impact handpieces and an auxiliary air connection for other air tools, including Rotary handpiece. Two handpieces and one foot control come with GRAVER MACHINE HJ-121 as Photo.


Voltage: 220V/110V , 50/60Hz; 
Features 400-8000 strokes per minute, 
Dimensions: 300*130*205mm,
Packing Size: 370X210X360mm. 
Length: 12" 
Width: 5.2" 
Height: 8.2"

Weight: Approximately 20 lbs. (9kg)