Engraving & Setting

Engraving & Setting

With these handy engraving tools(main Gold Engraving Machine), you can personalize your jewelry any time you have a money clip, keychain, or pendant, you can engrave a special message on it with a flat engraver. Jewelers and other jewelry makers know well that setting a gemstone is no easy task. With this collection of tools from Esslinger, the next time you have to set a diamond or a gemstone, no matter what type of setting you are using, you won’t have to worry. We have a wide range of gemstone setting tools that will meet all of your stone setting needs.

Quick, trustworthy, flexible, greater detail and mistake-free: You can see why a growing number of people are resorting to laser engraving gold over typical hand engraving. Fiber, Vanadate and laser noting systems are one of the most excellent for the engraving of gold jewelry, bars, medals, currency, and various other items. This results from the viability of the laser light beam provided, creating the brief pulses needed for excellent ablation as well as annealing. Because of the quality of the mark, the high speed, dependability, absence of a need for substitute parts and the pre-fabrication style choices with our software program, you will certainly comprehend why developers, shops and also lots of other sectors are counting on our systems to laser engrave gold as well as many various other semi-precious products. A huge part of our range of laser marking systems appropriate for gold, they concentrate a very great laser light beam able to develop a highly detailed mark within seconds as well as without harming the surrounding product. With our software program, you will certainly locate you have the ability to conveniently publish imagery, layout documents, message, data marks as well as practically everything else extremely rapidly, generating a version prior to any engraving occurs. With materials like gold, this can be important as it goes a long way to help avoid pricey errors! In addition, it is flawlessly feasible to mark exceptionally thin or hollow things that would be nearly impossible via typical techniques making our systems a noticeable selection.

A number of our systems are matched to gold and also various other precious metals. They are easy-to-use permitting you to model projects, artwork as well as various other inscriptions rapidly:


Our lasers are selected to be the most dependable and reliable within their certain course. This means they utilize the most innovative innovation offered, from high-powered MOPA fiber laser engines to our Nd: YV04 tools.

You will discover that life expectancy extends past mostly all various other lasers on the marketplace, they possess among the swiftest processing times whilst providing total versatility.

Mark message, nearly any type of graphics, barcodes, 2D, UID, matrix, QR codes, inscribe around an area and a lot more onto any type of gold or precious product with market-leading accuracy.

Our array includes a range of kind elements to fit the function; consisting of the desktop computer, mobile, workstation & integrated lasers systems.

We provide free assessments to meet even more rigorous needs or to engineer bespoke options. Just contact us ...

As you would anticipate, all our systems are brimming with innovative features for the very best feasible experience.

For your peace-of-mind, all laser marking systems are combined with a totally extensive service warranty as well as we give a series of lease and rental options ...


Complex detail


Laser equipment can be made use of to engrave your gold jewelry items with elaborate layouts in a matter of seconds. It is a superb option for rings, pendants, armbands as well as bracelets.